The Key To Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night
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The Key To Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night
In this step-by-step course, you will learn 
the secrets to teaching your baby to sleep. 
You'll be amazed at how much your baby's sleep will improve - and how quickly you'll see results! All it takes is learning some key routines and habits and putting them into action. 
Stop hoping that baby'll eventually "get it" or jumping through hoops to try and get baby to rest. 
Watch baby take longer naps. 

Notice how much calmer and peaceful your days are when baby is resting well then peaceful when awake. 

Sleep through the night because baby is sleeping through as well. 

Use my tried and true baby sleep secrets and watch your baby's sleep transform.
Don't let a few bad habits be the reason 
you and baby sleep poorly
If your baby isn't sleeping well right now and you are both frustrated and irritable, it's okay! I'm here to show you how to help baby get the exact sleep he needs. You'll notice an immediate difference in the home atmosphere when everyone is well rested. 
Falling Asleep 
Sleeping Through The Night
Consistent Napping
Lack of Fussing
Embracing sleep
Predictable Moods
Coos to Snooze Will Give Your Baby These Gifts
There are so many precious memories to be had with baby in those first months and years. If you want freedom to enjoy these moments because both you and baby are peaceful, then this course is for you. 

Step-by-step, learn everything you need to know to help your beautiful baby start sleeping longer and more independently. 
Section One - Baby Sleep Basics
  •  Secrets of a killer baby routine.
  •  Naptime, bedtime, and wind down routines that work every time.
  •  The Eat-Play-Sleep method that sets baby up for success. 
  •  Sleep cycles and how to avoid short naps and frequent wakings.
  •  Nursing, feeding, and the #1 way it affects sleep. 
Section Two - Digging Deeper
  •  Why sleep begets sleep and how to use this to your advantage.
  •  Is crying to be expected? How to minimize baby discomfort. 
  •  Discerning the difference between a sleep issue or environmental.
  •  The magic and art of putting baby down awake but drowsy. 
Section Three - Fundamentals of Sleep Struggles
  •  How to avoid over tiredness or over stimulation so baby falls asleep easier
  •  Sleep associations that will help baby naturally calm down for rest
  •  Identifying common sleep props and how to wean baby peacefully
  • How to comfort baby during changes in sleep habits
Section Four - Napping
  •  How often babies should nap and the most important nap of the day.
  •  Tiredness indicators that help you find baby's sleep window. 
  •  Establish a nap time routine that helps baby wind down to sleep. 
  •  Naptime troubleshooting tips for various sleep struggles. 
Section Five - Night Sleep
  •  Bedtime snack, dream feed, and early mornings feeds: how to handle them so baby sleeps longer and harder. 
  •  Night waking strategies to minimize wakings so baby and you rest more.
  •  Discover if baby is waking for hunger, over tiredness, or out of habit. 
  •  Witching hours, colic, and fussiness life savers. 
Meet Rachel Norman
I've solved the baby sleep riddle and now I'm sharing it with you
Let me show you how I managed to have 5 babies who all slept (and sleep) through the night without struggle. I learned all the basic secrets of baby sleep and want to teach you. 

As a person who needs a lot of sleep myself, I wanted to know how to avoid being up all night for years. I wanted a lot of babies, but knew I couldn't take care of my family or keep my sanity if no one was sleeping. 

I set out to learn gentle, effective, and peaceful routines to help my babies rest well. 

In time, I solved the baby sleep riddle. 

I figured out the exact habits and methods to use with baby that made for peaceful days and peaceful nights. Without a lot of fuss or jumping through hoops, I was able to help my babies sleep well from day one. 

Now, I've put everything I learned into the Coos to Snooze course.

It's has everything you need to know to help you and baby become well-rested and content.

And it will have you watching baby transform into a good sleeper and more peaceful bundle of joy in no time!

As a sleep and routine mentor to thousands of mothers around the world, I am eager to share all I know with you so you can actually spend this time enjoying your baby, not fretting over his lack of sleep. 

Why You Should Take Coos to Snoze
Do you wish you could just put baby down for a nap or bedtime and baby would go to sleep? 

If you struggle with naps, overtiredness, frequent night wakings, or needing to feed or rock baby to sleep all the time, this course was created for you. You need a solid understanding of baby sleep instead of just hoping for a better night than the one before. 

By the end of this course, my students feel comfortable in their daily sleep routines with their babies.Don't freak out if that sounds overwhelming. I'm here to guide you along the way. And I know the stress and panic that comes when baby just will not seem to sleep. I can help 

Coos to Snooze is hundreds of dollars less than the cost of an in home sleep consultant, yet it equips you to help baby sleep independently just the same. 
Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night With 
Step-by-Step Guidance and Support
In this self-paced, step-by-step course, you'll get the lessons I learned that have helped thousands of women transform their baby's sleep habits.  

These methods are EXACTLY how I was able to put down all 5 of my babies for naps and bedtime without fussing AND how they were able to sleep through without night wakings.  

I know you’re a busy mother so these focused and practical lessons are easy to fit into your schedule and offer quick improvement. 

Before you know it, both you and baby will be sleeping through the night!
20+ quick videos that break down each sleep concept into actionable tips
Learn it all step-by-step, as I break it down in easy to understand language. The videos are chock full of specific practical tips to help you understand the dynamics of baby sleep and help amp up your intuition so you can begin to meet baby's sleep needs. 
25+ Pages of PDF notes
You'll get flow charts that help you isolate your baby's sleep struggles. In the course workbook you'll receive sample sleep plans, tips, and tools to help you go from restless nights to peaceful ones. 
Success Stories from Mothers Just Like You
Your course is AWESOME! I keep having aha!!
moments. Following your advice, I have managed to get Mason to sleep in his own crib both last night and for his first nap today!  Thank you." Beth A. 
"Rachel helped me SO MUCH with  Cayden's sleep. From Day 1 I took her advice and he's had no sleeping issues ever. Other people are always shocked at how well he sleeps."  - Chrissy M. 
Are you ready for your baby to sleep through the night?
Coos to Snooze: 
Helping You and Your Baby Sleep
Immediate Access to Our Online Course
  •  20+ quick videos that break down each sleep concept into actionable tips
  •  25+ pages of printable materials designed to pinpoint baby's exact sleep struggles
  •  Step by step guide to creating the ultimate personalized baby sleep plan
  •  Lifetime Access to all materials
Join the 1,000s of women I've mentored through sleep!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Coos to Snooze
What age baby is this course for?
This course was designed specifically for babies ages 6 weeks to 2 years. Many of these principles will apply to your older toddlers and preschoolers as well, but the content focuses specifically on issues relating to sleep within this age range. 
How long will it take me to do this course?
The course itself can be done in as few as 2 hours. That said, you may want to read it over the course of a week or two to let the principles sink in so you can implement them little by little. It is self-paced and if you are up rocking a crying baby at 3 a.m. you may devour it in one sitting.
What if Coos to Snooze is not for me?
Here's the deal. I'm absolutely confident that this course will transform your baby's sleep habits. It is full of foundational sleep habits and how to take baby from struggling with sleep to sleeping like a champ. 

As a mother of 5 who all sleep well, I learned with trial by fire all the best routines and habits that help baby sleep well and be content and peaceful when awake. That's why I created this course so that anyone can quickly and easily turn around those bad sleep habits. 

Go ahead and give the program a try today. I know you'll quickly realize how much improvement you can make with your baby's sleep in no time. I created this course to help mothers and want you to find it 100% helpful so, if within 30 days you don't see a vast improvement in your baby's sleep, just let me know and we'll refund you 100%. 
What if I can't start the course right now? Should I still sign up?
Once you sign up for the course,  you get immediate access to our online classroom. You can dive into the material right away. You have lifetime access to this material so you can revisit any lesson as much as you'd like. Sign up today and the material will be waiting for you when you are ready.
Act fast, Start Sleeping Again...
Take the course risk free with our full happiness guarantee!

Give Coos to Snooze a try for 30 days

I created Coos to Snooze to help moms and babies who were
struggling. I want this course to be as helpful and practical as can be for you so, if at any point in the first 30 days you find this course does not work for you, write explaining your reasons and I'll refund you 100%. 
Yes! I am ready for my baby to sleep through the night with tried and true sleep methods. 
Coos to Snooze:
How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night
Immediate Access to My Online Course
  •  20+ quick videos that break down each sleep concept into actionable tips
  •  25+ pages of printable materials designed to pinpoint baby's exact sleep struggles
  •  Step by step guide to creating the ultimate personalized baby sleep plan
  •  Lifetime Access to all materials
Become one of the thousands of women who've taught their babies to sleep through the night with my sleep mentoring. 
Immediate Lifetime Access For Only $49
Take the course risk free with our full happiness guarantee!
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